Social Apocalypse

by Bulldragon Records Presents:



Recorded from January - June 2014 at Zen Dragon Studios


released June 13, 2014

All instruments, vocals and words written / performed / arranged by me



all rights reserved


Bulldragon Records Presents: Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: I Am Nothing
“I Am Nothing”

I am nothing, the beginning and the end to everything
I am nothing, we are everything

Everything is a lack of not
Nothing is eternal rot
Humans try but can’t succeed
While living lives of hate and greed
Alone we are the weakest prey
Falling victim everyday
Hearts and minds set to decay
Human souls in disarray

I am absolute, the beginning and end to everything, I am everything, the beginning and end to nothingness, I am nothing, the beginning and end to everything, I am nothing, we are everything

I’m taking you through the void
Rearranging all in time
I’m tearing it all down
Remaking of mankind
I am the beginning and the end
Life circles and it sings
I am nothing, we are everything!
Track Name: Mindless Human Mutant Zombies
“Mindless Human Mutant Zombies”

Mindless Human Mutant Zombies [x3]

Eat the flesh, they can not see, their actions stem from lust and greed, while forcing them to die, they never see the other side

Mindless Human Mutant Zombies [x2]

Mindless Human Mutant Zombies, programmed to consume and die, wrapped up in their gluttony and buried in hypocrisy

Mindless Human Mutant Zombies
Track Name: Disappear

Disappear, disappear, disappear, disappear
I will make them disappear, disappear, disappear [x2]

All they do is kill your time
All you do is kill your mind by drowning in their negative and leaving common sense behind
As much as I would really like to watch you fuckin’ die, it’s really better for my mind to let this anger pass me by and . . .

Make them disappear, make them, make them disappear [ x8]

Breeding, seething, hatred, burns within my brain, it makes me think of hurting you and sharing all my pain, but
You don’t exist inside my world
You don’t exist inside my mind
I’m taking back my sanity
I’m taking back my time
I make you disappear by denying you that part of me, you disappear because your lies won’t let you see that I have made you disappear
Disappear, Disappear
You have disappeared, disappeared, disappeared
Track Name: Green Fire
“Green Fire”

Burning everything with the FIRE from the GREEN. Healing everything where the fire has been seen. The world is set ablaze, bathed in fire from the green. Burning all our enemies, GREEN FIRE falls between, GREEN FIRE reigns supreme! FIRE! GREEN GREEN GREEN FIRE!
Track Name: Worship The Devil
“Worship The Devil”

2,000 years of their version of hell has been rotting our minds from the stories they tell
Our souls have been offered at the lowest bid to the devil they made through the lies they have hid
The face of all evil was born from their words and the faith has been placed in the masses and herds, in order to spread the lies they have fed to the ends of the world and infect our heads

Construction of evil
Through histories lies
Evil is man’s disguise
Worship the devil
The plan that they hide
Evil in man’s disguise
Worship the devil
Construction of lies
Evil in man’s disguise
Production of evil
Through histories eyes
Evil in man’s disguise
Evil is man’s disguise
Track Name: Human Target
“Human Target”

This bullet only has one target, it travels through the mental fog, the target is humanity, the bullet is a gift from God.
Every living thing has purpose, every living thing knows pain, we suffer from our ignorance, we suffer in our brains
We’re searching for humanity, watching on a TV screen, we’re looking for an answer that our eyes may not have seen
Humanity has lost its way, society in disarray, chaos causing life to fray and mend into a better day
This bullet only has one target, it dissipates the mental fog,
the target is humanity, it travels through chaos from God.
Track Name: Earth's Monsters
“Earth’s Monsters”

All earth’s monsters arise! [x2]

Evil things from outer space
Taking aim at the human race
I’m not gonna be the one to die so
I’m gonna wake them up in time
To stomp on their wicked dreams of war
To crush the wishes of the hoard
I will wake them up in time
Before the nefarious plot takes hold
Resurrect from ages old
Guardians of our mother earth
Will rise again and prove their worth
Monsters rise up from their graves so the humans can be saved

All Earth’s Monsters, All Earth’s Monsters Arise!
Track Name: Resurrection

Live to Die!
Die to Live!
Live for Life!
Or Die in Strife!

Resurrection of the life before me
Desolation of the world I see

Now is time to rise up from our grave
We will be the catalyst of change
I can see the future in our hands
Eradication all across the land
All across the land
Track Name: Go Forth And Live
“Go Forth And Live”

Every moment is a gift from God
Embrace this truth or your life’s a fraud
Discontent, it will taint your soul
Misery, it will take its toll
Allow yourself this little gift I give
Go Forth And Live!
Track Name: Fuck Off And Die!
“Fuck Off And Die!”

You done me wrong
Now you’ve got to go
And when you plead and ask me why,
My reply, Fuck Off and Die!
Tiny, little, human, worm
Spreading lies and bringing gloom
Pathetic piece of rotting shit
You’ve just made yourself a target
For my rage, undying hate
Your ignorance will be my bait
From these words you cannot hide
Now just go fuck off and die!
You stabbed me in the back and lied
Now I say fuck off and die!
You’re not worth the tears I cry
So now you will fuck off and die
I am the truth you can’t deny
So now you will fuck off and die!
From me you will not hear goodbye
My reply, Fuck Off And Die!
Now you will just go Fuck Off and Die!
Fuck Off And Die!
Track Name: Spirit Bear
“Spirit Bear”

From creation by the Raven’s words
Came stories from a winter’s bird
A bear protects the living world
Spirit of the bear

In a long, white time ago
We were frozen to the core
Until the spirit of the bear
Brought peace and warmth forever more

The Spirit Of The Bear