Soul On Fire

by Soul On Fire



released June 25, 2015



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ACT I : 10,000 B.C.E. - 500 B.C.E.
When and where man came from remains a mystery,
the planet populated by 10,000 B.C.E.
and there was peace ... and there was knowledge ...
and we came together ... and we organized ...

ACT II : 500 B.C.E. - 500 C.E.
Society is born from need when evil would first bore its seeds
Domination of nature born, slavery in early forms
Kings would rise ... kings would fall ...
their ideas enslave us all ...
Yet there were other souls, in enlightened forms,
there to guide us through unholy storms

ACT III : 500 C.E. - 1500 C.E.
Now the time had come for accelerating heights
Connections all around the world as man would first gain sight
This time gives birth to commerce, culture now for sale
Sharp corners coming up ahead, society derails
Empires rise ... empires fall ... war and poverty for all

ACT IV : 1450 C.E. - 1750 C.E.
Religion versus science becomes the great debate,
as humans are becoming slaves unto the state,
others are becoming slaves for idealistic hate
While the world keeps getting smaller, exploration changes fates
Domination, rape, and murder took place throughout these days
while wars and insurrections carried families away
While other things were carried, like spice and pestilence,
man was slowly losing all sense of common sense

ACT V : 1750 C.E. - 1914 C.E.
Now humans seek to dominate, even history,
re-writing all of human past reflecting his story
Cutting up the continents, declaring ownership
taking over everything with european ships
Native populations driven into early graves,
and if there were survivors they would turn them into slaves
Humanity now lost its way, heading for the end of days
Time would bring the first world war, the first to come of many more
All creations by mankind, turned to disaster by twisted minds
Then there was a major shift, resulting in a quantum rift
Now the war's not just outside, the war is now inside our minds

ACT VI : 1914 C.E. - ? ? ?
Last of the sane? Humanity lost? Nothing remains? Is this the cost?
A rapture, a schism, a world torn apart
Division of reason, devised by the heart
A sickness of will, perversions of love,
poisons the planet, below and above,
The planet survives! Does humanity die?
The world will continue with new species eyes ...
Track Name: HORNS of WAR

You're coming down (x8)
From your blood bath of gore
You're going down for ... financing war
You're going down ... killing for greed
You're going down ... their souls will stampede
You're going down ... justice will be served
For the murder of herds, you're going down!
You're heads now on their walls as your ideology falls
I see you coming down, the blood is on your hands
I see your demise for the blood you spread across the land
You are coming down, no protection for you
You're coming down from corruption rotting through
Justice will be served, like entrails in the mouths of greed
Your hearts will bleed for all the souls you stole for
needless, pointless ideas, driven by selfish, egotistic madness
The Rhino's horn is now a symbol of war,
On God, On Earth, On Every Shore!
Track Name: LIFE'S BLOOD

You are my life's blood (x7)
You love, strength, and beauty inspires my day
Your smile, light, and kindness bring me out of the frey
From my heart you bring a pure flood of your love
This is why you are my perfect kind of life's blood
Your essence is the air I breath, your presence makes my life
My body is my temple, you are my immortal wife
I live and I rise, a creature made of love
I am resurrected from your special kind of life's blood
You have over filled me with your love, you are my life's blood
You have overwhelmed me with love, you are my life's blood
You have always blessed me with love, you are my life's blood
You have over filled me with love, you are my life's blood
You have overwhelmed me with love, you are my life's blood
You have always blessed me with love, you are my life's blood
You have equipped me with love, you are my life's blood
Track Name: WASTE of HATE

Forget your crying and your whining, it will not change our fate,
it's just a waste of hate, it's just a waste of hate
Stop your bitching and complaining, it just won't satiate
it's just a waste of hate, it's just a waste of hate
Now there are topics in this world that should evoke our hate
Like the poaching of the planet or the murder on our plates
Like abduction of the children and the torture of the innocent
When the media's corrupted, it corrupts the message sent!
Desensitized to all life's pain is driving everyone insane
So relax the fake aggression, it leads to self depression
and self pity will not change your fate, it's just a wast of hate
Waste of Hate / All Talk / Waste of Hate / No Fight
Waste of Hate / All Bark / Waste of Hate / No Bite

I feel this ever present energy ... surrounding everything
It draws us all together in the song of life we sing
There is only peace and love, as given to us up above
Before the dawn of time in this volcanic love
A marriage made in Heaven, with Earth and all the Stars
We are all their children, created from afar
In a cosmic kind of dance, the mystery is told
and as we dance together, the mystery unfolds
The union of the Earth with the Spirit up above
resulted in creation from this volcanic love
We Are This Volcanic Love!!
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
We Are This Volcanic Love!!
Track Name: STAND for NOTHING

If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything
You stand for nothing, you fall for everything
You stand for NADA, not a mother fuckin thing
You stand for NADA, not a mother fuckin thing
You stand for NOTHING, not a mother fuckin thing
A total waste of every breath, your selfish ways are always stress
Never nothing for another, now you're nothing mother fucker
You stood for nothing

Feel your spirit (x8) ... RISE
The Spirit's rising ... creation of the Net of Gems
Our Spirit's rising ... pushing through the hearts of men
We're all flying ... higher than we've ever been
My Spirit's rising ... defiant to the very end
Our will is rising ... pushing through the hardened crust
Our strength is rising ... crushing all our doubts to dust
And like the Phoenix rising ... brings life to lifeless husks
Our Spirit's rising ... like the Sun from Dawn to Dusk
We are all together, one planet made from love,
we have to come together so we can rise above
Our Spirit's rising ... the Net reflects ...
Our rising Spirits and the Planet we protect

Now here's a song about a person we all know ...
A real piece of shit and the star of the show
Male or female? They're all the same
so Massive Asshole will be their name
You're just a massive asshole (x4)
We could be on our way to work
It may just be some random jerk
that tries to get right in your way
and then has something rude to say
Or maybe it's someone we know
A total tool with matching ego
Always tries to make you look bad
so the key is not to get mad
They have got their name and role
They are just Massive Assholes!
Do they even have a soul?
or are they just a gaping hole?
And if this song applies to you,
then you must be an asshole too!
You're just a massive asshole!
You're just a massive asshole!
Track Name: the WOLVES
"the WOLVES"

In the beginning there was nothing ...
And then the Universe gave birth ...
First to all the Creatures, all the Creatures of the Earth
And then the time would come for man ...
Meant to keep the balance across the land ...
Man's greed and lust soon skewed this plan
So the Wolves were born with purpose,
to live a life with strife ...
To keep the balance and revive all life ...
The Hunter will now become the Hunted
the Wolves ... are coming ... for you
The pack is coming, it's looking for you
Our eyes are seeking, seeking the truth
Your minds are like weaklings, babies with brawn
Your brains are like poison, not knowing what's wrong
Your flesh is all rotting, rotting with gore
Your mouths are all asking, asking for more
More to consume, just to consume, consume and consume
Programed for pleasure, sealing your doom
Our eyes are now glowing, glowing with hate
Our souls are all seeking, seeking our fate
Our minds are now focused, focused to kill
We hunger for vengeance, this is our will
Driven by misuse, abused mental state
We keep the balance while feeding on hate
The hunter now hunted to his bitter end
The wolves now surround her, its flesh they will rend
This is our purpose, the oath that we keep,
We fight and we die, we're wolves, not sheep
We are the wolves, we're coming for you
We smell the blood corrupting you through
We're coming to take you and turn you to dust
Restore the balance, our purpose is just
Track Name: SOUND the ALARM

Sound the alarm on corporate greed,
sound the alarm for those in need
Sound the Alarm (x4)
Sound the alarm on all life's scum
Sound the alarm to make them run
Sound the alarm on human ticks
Blood filled bellies make us sick
Sound the alarm for children
Sound the alarm for the weak
Sound the alarm for creatures
Not given a voice to speak
Sound the alarm on corruption
Sound the alarm on greed
Sound the alarm gluttony
And the powers that it feeds
Sound the alarm for Animals
Sound the alarm for the old
Sound the alarm for all of us
Our Souls can not be sold

Deep within the Planet's past are memories of long ago ...
From a Bird were stories told of how the Mystery would unfold
Before the Birth of Man, the Raven spread its Wings ...
Before the Dawn of Time, the Raven learned to Sing ...
So Raven gave us stories, of life and all creation ...
How the Stars would come to be and form the Constellations ...
Raven is a Master, of Knowledge and of Life, Raven gave us Light ...
Raven Spreads His Wings and Flies
Raven Brought Light to the Sky
Raven Spreads His Wings and Flies
Raven guides us when we Die
Raven Spreads His Wings and Flies
Raven's Spirit Always High