"Blue Moon"

We're coming together like never before
The circle surrounds us from mountain to shore
This love from a Blue moon absorbed in my soul
The light from this Blue Moon now making us whole
Once in a Blue Moon came on this night
We prayed on the Blue Moon for justice and foresight

We pray for laughter, we pray for love
We pray for guidance from up above
We pray in sadness, we pray in fear
We pray for protection, God is always near
We pray for rapture, we pray for truth
We pray for fire to cleanse our roots
We pray for vision, we pray for sight
We pray on this Blue Moon, we bask in its light
We pray for freedom, we pray for doom
For all our enemies, bound and ruined
We pray in good times, we pray in bad
We pray for everything we've ever had
We pray for the future, give thanks for the past
We pray for energy that makes us last
Keep moving forward, never behind
We pray for clarity within our minds
We pray for endurance, we never stop
We pray for victory, rise to the top


released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Bulldragon Records Presents: Los Angeles, California

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