Fashion Victem

by Bulldragon Records Presents:



"Fashion Victim"

What the Fuck?
Is this all about fashion?
Where's the compassion?
Where is the passion?
Where's the reaction?
Where's the conviction?
Where's the opinion?
Slaves to the modern man
Bars of our Prisons
Trapped in our heads
Imprisoned by skin
Emulating others
Manufactured sin
Society now sick
A social disease
Humans lost humanity
We are now the planet's fleas

Promoting all our hatred
Based on nothing sound
This hate will come full circle
and take us to the ground
You think it's all a fucking joke
You follow you don't lead
You expect the planet to
Provide your every need
But life it just don't work that way
You better buy a clue
Karma comes for everyone
Including me and you

I have no fear
I live my fate
Chaos is the system
You try to run
But it's too late
Your just a fashion victim


released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Bulldragon Records Presents: Los Angeles, California

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